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The world has enough noise. Let’s have stories instead.

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What is your brand story?


We believe in the power of storytelling because your story forms the foundation of all your communication efforts.

Brand storytelling taps into the foundational human need to connect. It’s a method that centres your customer as the main character in the narrative of your brand, not your your product or service. A great brand story is a summary of your company’s history, mission, purpose, and values, with a narrative structure that brings it to life. Using brand storytelling, you can create a series of plot points and a rising action that generate an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience.

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When it comes to brand storytelling, there are so many different types of
brand stories you can tell. Here’s a great list of brand stories to get those
creative juices flowing.

  • Brand story: Tell the story of your brand; Your reason for being.
  • Founder’s story: Showcase your founder’s journey
  • Origin story: Tell how your brand came to be
  • Brand history story: Explain your brand evolution
  • Brand values story: Share what your brand stands for
  • People story: Spotlight the people behind the brand
  • Mission story: Tell a story about the mission of your brand
  • Vision story: Share a story about your vision of the future
  • Industry story: Explain how your brand fits into, and stand atop, of its industry
  • Community story: Create content around how you help the community
  • Spotlight story: Spotlight a recent happening that ties into your brand’s core values
  • Event story: Tell stories about events you are attending, or already attended


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